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This website has been specially designed to provide you more information about the Strip4 game developed and published by

What is it?

strip poker sexy poker

The Strip 4 game is as game along with others like strip poker developped by Uplay-Strip inspired from a very famous and popular game. The aim of the game is to align four balls before your opponent does.

Strip4 is coming from an old game called the captain's mistress. Captain cook was said to spend hours playing this game during his trips and it has been called after that. The game didn't change much except about one important fact. You play against a sexy opponent and if you manage to connect four ball before she does, she puts off an item of clothing.

Like every sexy games avalaible on, the Strip4 is based on interactive videos. Enjoy very sexy strip tease with a total feeling of immersion! The days of playing boring games with bad quality videos are over. It's a brand new concept, a revolution in the world of adult entertainment.

How does it work?

strip poker sexy poker

You must win 5 times to finish the game and it's more and more difficult because the girl is more and more sexy and plays better and better!

You play right on the video and with a simple click you can put a ball in the column of your choice.

Many studies have shown that if you play first and if you play prefectly, your opponent can not win. In this game, you always play first: so you can not loose... except if you make a mistake!

What is offer?
  • There's no subscription, you pay only once!

  • You download the game, install it on your computer and you play as much as you want!

  • New opponents are regularly added.

  • To make up your mind, don't hesitate to download the free strip poker demo of our strip4 and to discover the other games and all the sexy girls of

Explore a new kind of adult video game! All the games are based on interactive videos and very sexy strip tease.

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